Monday, May 31, 2010

Pumpkin Festival

Today we went to Goomeri, to the Pumpkin Festival.
It was awesome!
On the way, I crocheted. 
And on the way home I crocheted. 
And now I am almost finished the front of my cushion
Will be revealed soon!
We watched the street parade.  This is the winning whopper of a pumpkin!
We saw horses, stock whips, drafthorses, working dogs, bands, old cars, pumpkin pagaent princesses...
Mum and I checked out the crafty section and saw some quilts including this gorgeous hexagon quilt, which was massive and the hex's were tiny.  Now... I haven't made many quilts so I'm not really in a position to be too critical BUT I would never ever spend a trillion hours hand piecing something like this and then machine quilt it with a revolting bright green thread in a pattern that just doesn't do anything for anyone! 
Machine quilting is def the way to go, but surely a nicer colour and pattern would have been better.
Here are the cute mini pumpkin themed quilts!
We ate pumpkin scones and pumpkin pie! 
This is pumpkin pie, it was good. 
They (the CWA type ladies) were very secretive about the recipe for pumpkin pie which kind of made me mad, cause I really didn't want their exact recipe, I just wanted to know if there was a pumpkin pie recipe in the special cook book they had for sale!
Me and my BFF Kimmy and the pumpkins! 
Our super cute kids enjoying the fairy floss.
Kimmy insisted on going in the famous Pumpkin Rolling Competition and she entered herself and her son Kai.  He chickened out (actually I think he realised his Mum is nuts)  so my boy Joey stepped up to the mark. Here he is trudging up 'Policeman's Hill' to the starting line.  All 680 of them lined up ready to roll their pumpkins!
And here they are with their tagged and numbered pumpkins getting marshalled! 
 It is big business and you can be disqualified for stepping over the yellow line!
Kimmy ready to roll, she was number 367!
And she is nuts, but I love her!
Joey and me waiting patiently, he was number 162!
The view down the hill from the starting line. 
Somewhere down there at the bottom is our family dodging flying pumpkins that hit gutters and got airborne!
Joey's pumpkin went well, flying down the middle then hurtling off to the left...
...and came to rest somewhere around here.  The policeman you maybe able to just see is standing nearby to the special yellow spot that marks $1000 if your pumpkin comes to rest right on it! 
No one won the $1000 this year!
We picked up 6 pumpkins! 
They are in pretty good condition too considering they were hurtled down a bitumen road.  Actually everyone picked up pumpkins.  I thought it was a bit wasteful at first, but every single pumpkin was taken away and we have pumpkin soup in the slow cooker ready for dinner tonight!

We loved the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival and have marked it in our calendar for next year!


Kate said...

I hate pumpkins and think that rolling them down the hill is probably what they would be used best for but I LOVE the idea of a pumpkin festival. It looks and sounds like the best fun.

granma said...

granma loved the pumpkin festival & is sure going next year, I love pumpkin to eat as well yum...