Friday, July 2, 2010

Bunting and lots of it!

I decided to make aprons and bunting to decorate our school fete cafe!
I think I am a little crazy!
The fete is not for a few more weeks, but Joey turns 5 this Sunday and his park party needs this bunting.
So, together with Lilly and Joey, we made bunting! Lots and lots, about 25 metres I think.
It looks awesome here in our lounge room.  I moved the sewing station upstairs for the ordeal, too cold down in the garage at this time of year.
I need to thank a couple of people/things...Lilly and Joey for being so well behaved while I sewed and sewed and my bias binding maker for assisting me with the 30 odd metres of white bias we made together!!
I took a break mid-bunting yesterday, to make this cute cord skirt for Lill.
I sewed on a small granny square I had laying around, it looks very cute.