Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Unity and Peace

Here are the first Christmas singlets for this year, actually second, Joe boy's was first! I love doing these, each year, Kimmy and I make them for our kids, this year we decided to branch out! We are having trouble getting enough red singlets so we've done a few white ones which look great luckily, so watch this space for more creations!

These are for my lovely cousin's boys, she asked for the meanings of her boy's names on their singlets. So Unity and Peace are just perfect!

On the back is a tiny present.

Quick Skirt

This is a Burda skirt I quickly made for myself using Spotlight $3.99/m fabric! So for $6 plus the cost of the zip (the doily is from my stash and the buttons thanks to Nanny's stash of which I've got a few things and treasure sooo much) its a pretty cheap skirt, and very comfortable I might add. Unfortunately this fabric is fairly see through, whoops, so I either add a lining or save it for round the house!!! I quite like it, so I might line it...
And here is the cutest little Royal Doulton teacup in the pattern of 'June'.
My second best friend Kimmy found it down near Iluka during her week long family beach holiday, she is so good to me, she loves teacups as much as me, but she chose to give it to me!!! It is so tiny and very old, I love it Kimbo! What am I going to give you for your birthday next week old girl!!??

Friday, November 14, 2008


...nope it's not a mistake!!!
Those letters stand for:

It's a very serious condition I've developed and probably will never recover from! I just love all this fabric so much, so finally I've made something for myself in it.
I've ordered some more Vintage Cherries from Kelani, since she's just got a new shipment in stock, to make myself another wrap skirt and canvas some for my bedroom wall so I can stare at it forever. Is that abnormal!?! Make sure you check out Kelani, there is an excellent competition on there at the moment, which is really easy to enter.

So anyway, this is my second Make It Perfect, Versatile Wrap skirt, and the info on the back of the pattern is 100% accurate in that this skirt would indeed have to be one of my favourite items of clothing. It is so comfortable and you get to wear your favourite fabrics. I've got another cut ready to sew in Anna Maria Horner Garden Party and so does my second best friend, I'll be blogging her creation as well. For this skirt I cut the 5 panels to make the contrast trim and tie an inch wider than the pattern says, I think this gives you a little more of a look at the contrast fabric!


Singlets ready for Christmas!

This one says " give (heart) " which is supposed to mean: give love!!!
I hope everyone gets it. I used a gold thread which was tricky and probably won't use it again. This one is a size 6 and is for Joe Boy.
...and here is my little bloke wearing it at Lill's Prep Christmas Concert, which was soooooo cute. They did a fantastic job, the kids were so good and the teachers amaze me every single time with the effort and time they put into things.
And while I'm on the topic of singlets, here are a couple more we've (-Kimmy, my second best friend you've heard all about before) done. On the back on one of the corners they have a little applique square and heart.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Little Lambs

Here are my two little lambs!
I made these costumes for Lilly's Prep Christmas Concert. I just used a basic children's costume pattern in white tracksuit fabric using the fleecy inside as the outside and made the hoods look more lamby by lowering the ears and making them floppy. I think they look very very cute. They are the Large size on the pattern, which I'd say is a 5-6. The back has a velcro closure and the tail attaches just below.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Strappy Sundress Christmas Dress

Here is my most favourite fabric of the year Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market, in particular Red Vintage Cherries. Love it!

I got the last piece from Kelani and also the co-ordinating Apples in Spring and Red and then made it into the Strappy Sundress, all purchased from Kelani, my favourite online fabric shop.

This is a great dress for twirling!

This pattern is so simple and yet the finished dress is really very special with the elastic back and pretty straps tying in a bow attached to a loop. The skirt part is 2 rectangles (or in my case strips joined together for lack of enough cherries) joined together to make 88 inches of fabric which you need to gather, i.e. lots of fabric involved!!

This is the size 6 and I cut the bodice a little bigger and added an extra row of casing for the elastic back. If I make it again for Lill, I'll have to cut the bodice even bigger as this is a squeeze as it is, great big 5 year old unit she is!

Also, I have to mention my sewing friend Novy, who made this exact dress completely in the cherries for her little girl. It is just gorgeous, check it out on her blog. Thanks Novy for the inspiration!