Friday, April 30, 2010

What have I been doing?

Making shorts for little boys that have grown and complain the old ones are too tight around the waist.  A couple more in the pipeline as well.

I finished these last night and like expected I was woken by this little person wearing them telling me they are nice shorts Mum, not tight!
FYI the motorbike fabric was a pillowcase and the orange cord is stash = FREE shorts.

Making bags, not plastic coated.  This is the perfect size and I don't know about you but I love the sideways old car once a pillowcase fabric!  I did extra rows of stitching on the handles for a bit of something.

I like it and I'm using it!  I've got a couple of other ideas for a key hook thing on the inside with the scraps leftover.

And lastly, actually not lastly, I've made a zillion other things lately but these are just the pictures I've got on hand for now!  Pavlova birthday cake for Stephen.

We all love pavlova, especially ones with special jaffa's on top.
FYI, I use 8 egg whites (6 were cold and 2 were room temp cause I had to wait for the chooks to lay 2 more that morning to have enough!)  and 2 cups caster sugar-  that's it.  Nothing extra special like vingegar, cornflour or whatever in my pavlova but I do take about 25-30 mins to beat the sugar in and cook it very slowly and then leave in the oven to cool with the door open.  The marshmallow was nice and thick on the inside too! 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I love Elliott Heads

We spent a week at Elliott Heads for the school holidays, it is possibly my most favourite place.
Before we went on Good Friday, I sewed for 5 straight hours and only stopped because I ran out of overlocker thread!!!
I was so productive, not one unpick or mess up.  I made Lilly the outfit above, which is made from a gorgeous op shop tablecloth (the orange piece at the front) and doily I scored last time we were in Bargara.  I used lots of my bits and pieces on the skirt and got a bit fancy with the wasit band, adding belt loops and a belt.  The waistband also has elastic but the belt is so cute.  The heart appliqued singlet is part of the tablecloth as well, I love orange and pink!
This is an A line skirt with elastic waist and draw string for something different, using more of the cute orange tablecloth and another embroidered tablecloth I had.  Joe boy is modelling for me, this was a gift for one of our friends.  Lilly also got one of these skirts. 
I threw in a fine lacey doily on the side and at the back there is a bit more doily poking out from under the waistband.  Very cute.  Lilly also got a pillowcase dress made with a blue and white floral sheet with a ruffle around the bottom.  So she had lots of cool beachy clothes to wear that cost virtually nothing!
At Elliott I spent the week collecting shells, sorting shells, threading shells and tying shells onto fishing line to make long strings of shells which are now beautifully hanging downstairs from a piece of driftwood, this was my craft for the week.