Thursday, November 26, 2009

Table Runner

I made this gorgeous table runner this arvo after school.  Mum got the fabric in Bowral and the ric rac at the Remnant Warehouse.  She got lots of other good stuff as well and I am very jealous I wasn't with her when she bought it all!  My excellent Aunty was though, and took her to some really awesome places, you are so lovely Lydi!

I got that red and white stripey jug in Sydney so the runner and jug should feel right at home.  It looks kind of Christmasy too so I'm happy with that on the table right now.

And this is the rest of Mum's shopping, a little bit of Love (another skirt in the making), some Kaffe Fassett, Anna Maria and some more of those table runner panels.  The big dusty blue and strawberry piece at the bottom of the pile is for a massive tablecloth Mum is making.

How cute are these crocheted teapot cosies.  The little one was $8, its hard to see clearly but there is masses of hours in them, the black background is all crochet as well.  We love pansies!

Lastly my work in progress, Lill's next bebop cardi, one that fits hopefully.
x see you next time

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm making one of these!

I just love this! And I'm going straight out tomorrow after school drop off to get some rub on letters! I will have to get some beautiful scrap book papers as well I think and a couple more balls of Cleckheaton natural 8 ply cotton for the next cardigan that is already 1/2 done.
Click here for the link to this very sweet tutorial.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I did night shift this weekend and I completed this gorgeous cardigan while I suffered it out at work, lucky it was not too bad at the hospital and I got lots of spare breaks to crochet.

I used this pattern after being inspired here- a new found blog I've found.

I made the size L: 11-12 years but only using a 3 1/2 hook which made things pretty tight, it has turned out really small. So I guess it will be a present or go into my Etsy store when I get that sorted!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mummy Made Halloween

Gee whiz I felt the peer pressure this year which could come from no where else but school since its not really my thing! Halloween... like you've never seen, how could I get through to her (Grade 1 age) that there is no way in this world we are knocking on our neighbours door and asking for, and I sooo hate this word "candy". One way or another Lilly did not let up and in the end I felt I was letting her down, denying her of Christmas or something!
So I compromised.
First of all we went shopping for "candy" and talked about what we could give back to people/animals/the planet and she decided to buy some dog and cat food and give it to the RSPCA bin at Woolies. Good start.
Then we came home, made a couple of ghost costumes, sacrificing a perfectly good queen size flat sheet in the process and invited our best friends over for dinner.
We dressed up, one child threw a wobbly bob cause he couldn't see properly through his ghost eyes, hence why he is a lying down ghost in the above photo.
We had a 'candy' treasure hunt instead of door knocking, and for tricks we threw about 50 water bombs off the verandah at Daddy and made sure we picked up every last bit of balloon to stop the sea turtles eventually eating them!
Then and I think this may have been a small mistake watched Ghostbusters as they are now hooked, had a yummy gardeny dinner and followed it all up with the most chocolate ridden, lolly, icecream, make your own creation feast you could imagine!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shirred Dress

I've had this fabric for a while, just a spotlight number, really light.
Yesterday I turned it into a shirred dress for me, after which I am not sure about the stripes and colour, so it can be a 'House Christmas Dress' I think!

There was alot of shirring going on and wider than normal straps for me, it is very comfortable and cool.

I'll make a black one next, not so home madey looking hopefully.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Potatoes

Freshly dug potatoes, the first of many more to come by the looks of things in that ground.

They were so white, fresh and delicious. We'll be enjoying many more of them soon.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Amy Butler's Love for Mum

Happy Birthday Mum!She picked this gorgeous stuff out for me to make her a skirt, just the usual skirt!
We had a hard time choosing, Kelani have the whole range. Click here to see Amy Butler's website and the Love range, my favourite is the Soul group.
My BFF Kimmy ordered some today as well cause in her words "I just can't stand it any longer". I must admit that most of Amy Butler's fabrics don't grab me that much, but this is just so beautiful, up there with Farmers Market for me and that's saying something!
There was enough in the main skirt fabric leftover to squeeze a bag out, I have nearly put these things out for retirement (O.V.A.H. if you know what I mean), I've counted up at least 60 of these things I've made and am over it! But when I saw the exact amount needed for a bag leftover, it seemed a waste to fold it up for the shelf so I got the bag template out and did another. They are just the most useful bags and so lovely with gorgeous fabrics under shiny plastic! I am glad I did it now.
Happy Birthday to the best Mum

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yet Another Wrap Skirt

It's probably getting a bit boring, but here's another Versatile Wrap Skirt made with another old tablecloth.
Here's a few pictures from my garden, starting with my happy entry petunia's that are growing under the massive gums on our driveway.

My recent Hippeastrum purchases, love em!

A new miniature rose, so sweet.
My old wheelbarrow of Petunia's is coming along nicely too.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cooking and Eating from the Patch

Lill picked this...
and together we made this...

...homemade canneloni (using fresh lasagne sheets) wrapped up with silverbeet, chicken breast mince, tomatoes, garlic, ricotta and then cooked in chicken stock, a little cream, ricotta and grated cheese.
This is how it turned out and was very yum!
With the leftover silverbeet, we wrapped up whole zuchini's and we also roasted some golden squash.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vegie Garden Update

Sunflowers just sprouted.

These little things sprouted only 2 or 3 days after we put the seeds in.
Green Cucumber
Baby Golden Squash, these were really good.

Everything is growing strong and fast!
A night's harvest! 5 eggs, some beans, lettuce, squash and silverbeet...all eaten up for dinner!
And finally, another Versatile Wrap Skirt I finished off tonight. Made from an old tablecloth, not too sure about this one though.

Pretty Stuff from the Garden

Mum and I are into roses and hippeastrums at the moment and we have picked up a few miniature roses each from Big W surprisingly. I got a lovely mauve (above), cream and a tiny tiny hot pink one that Joey picked out and is now "Joey's Rose"! We bought cheap enough terracotta pots and now they look so beautiful in the sun at my front door, I think I might go back and get myself a few more...
This is my prized Hippeastrum which I have been waiting so patiently to flower to see what colour it is since I had forgotten.

Check out the before flowering pic! Tomorrow we are heading back to the Hippe Farm to get a couple more special ones.
And this is just something that is looking sweet at the moment, a couple of old tea pots with some holes drilled in the bottom filled with Heartsies. I am on the look out for some more old teapots.
And lastly, some fresh picked flowers from Mum's garden on my hall stand. You can just see some Blue Forget-me-not's amongst the bunch.

Next up I thought I would show you: an update in my vegie patch and progress on extending the chook yard, still to come: before and after pic's of our house

Friday, October 9, 2009

My Garden

Since I have spent so much time outside this week, gardening my little heart out and I've loved every minute- I am going to share some pictures of what's going on in the garden at the minute- my favourite stuff!
This is my new rose "Just Joey", its a standard and I've planted it out the front of the fence in this little rocked section between the 2 driveway gates. This was Nanny's favourite rose. It is an orangey peachy goldy yellowy colour! Petunias in front of it.
This is something special! A gorgeous Hippeastrum, not sure what name, but def a named one. I bought 3 last year from the Hippe Farm nearby and plonked in, I love how they just come up amongst the other stuff. There is another really special one just about to burst out the bud, stay tuned for that!
Here it is ready to bust open!

And lastly a happy wheelbarrow of petunias, I pulled out the pansies, they were well and truly finished in here. I have made a pact with myself to 'flourish' my seedlings 3 times a week to give them the best chance.

Next up I thought I would show you: what my little piece of acreage looked like before we got our hands on it!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mango Macadamia and Caramel Cheesecake

This is really yummy, not sickly sweet at all and uses delicious fresh ingredients.
My best friend Kimmy makes this heaps, well she used to!
I have made 2 in the last couple of weeks since Mango's are good right now and we have a good supply of mac nuts too.

Mango Macadamia and Caramel Cheesecake

1 pkt Marie biscuits crushed
125gm melted butter
Mix together and press into bottom of spring form tin (grease first). Refrigerate.

500gm phily cheese softened
1 cup cream
3/4 cup caster sugar
3 teaspns gelatine dissolved in 1/4 cup hot water
1 tin ready to serve caramel
1/2 cup crushed mac nuts
1 mango peeled and sliced up into wedges or you can use tinned mangoes
Beat phily cheese, add sugar and cream, beat together. Add gelatine mixture and mix well.

Cover refrigerated biscuit base with a layer of caramel.
Sprinkle with 1/3 of the mac nuts and 1/3 of the mango wedges.
Pour over 1/2 of the filling mixture, add more caramel and swirl through
the filling with a knife lightly.
Sprinkle more mac nuts, add more mango wedges and then the remainder of the filling mixture.
Top with remainder of caramel and swirl through again, add remainder of mac nuts and mango. Set in fridge.

...and here is our lovely Mango tree, and again this year it flowered......look closer to see the flowers below... look really closely (next picture) to see the baby Mangoes!
Yippee, last year the tree flowered but no fruit.
Lilly spotted the tiny green dots from my bedroom window, the tree is covered in them, lets see what happens!
This tree is also home to Mango Possum and Possum Cutie, our 2 resident Ringtail Possums. They have possum nests high in the top made of leaves and stuff, they look a bit like birds nests.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Vegetable Paddock Part 1

Welcome to my Vegetable Garden segment here at Mummy Made It...

Above is yellow zucchini and baby golden squash, which I'd say will be ready for harvesting next week.

It's taken us a while, but finally we did it, thanks to Dad! Before we went to New Zealand we had our dam wall dug out (still alot more work to do in that area) and while we had the big digger in, we got him to churn up the soil where our vegie garden was to go. Then while we were in NZ, Dad rotary hoed the area and formed up these beds, 4 in all .

It is awesome and this is how it is looking at 4 1/2 weeks after planting.

The vegetables were all seedlings when planted and fed with dynamic lifter and mulched with mushroom compost. We have hand watered daily. In the pic above, Stephen is watering the watermelon, which will grow down the gentle slope towards the River.
Above picture also has sweet potatoes and potatoes.

The garden gets just about full sun and the soil is absolutely perfect. We have a bore close by as well which has never looked like running dry, so this vegie garden should continue to thrive. Above is tomatoes (we have 2 types plus cherry tomatoes in the front garden) fancy lettuce, silverbeet and behind Lilly is garlic chives, 2 more types of lettuce, bok choy, beans and capsicums. Oh and cucumbers!

On the other side of the yard we have an area of pumpkins planted, I think there is 6 plants! I might need a stall out the front.

I need to put in a good patch of parsley, I use so much of the stuff, the original type, not the flat leaf, I think it gets too tough. Also need some basil and coriander.

Cherry tomatoes growing amongst the garden out the front, these came up on their own and we transplanted them to this sunny spot. We have been picking cherry toms for weeks, again thanks Dad!

Here is tonights harvest. I turned the cherry toms into Fresh tomato, prawn and bacon pasta: I can give you the recipe if you want ;)

And the silverbeet went into the lasagne for tomorrow night! I am on a bit of a gardening, cooking fresh food roll at the moment, so I hope you enjoy it!

Stay tuned for my next update: Mango Macadamia and Caramel Cheesecake including pics of my Mango tree.