Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Vegetable Paddock Part 1

Welcome to my Vegetable Garden segment here at Mummy Made It...

Above is yellow zucchini and baby golden squash, which I'd say will be ready for harvesting next week.

It's taken us a while, but finally we did it, thanks to Dad! Before we went to New Zealand we had our dam wall dug out (still alot more work to do in that area) and while we had the big digger in, we got him to churn up the soil where our vegie garden was to go. Then while we were in NZ, Dad rotary hoed the area and formed up these beds, 4 in all .

It is awesome and this is how it is looking at 4 1/2 weeks after planting.

The vegetables were all seedlings when planted and fed with dynamic lifter and mulched with mushroom compost. We have hand watered daily. In the pic above, Stephen is watering the watermelon, which will grow down the gentle slope towards the River.
Above picture also has sweet potatoes and potatoes.

The garden gets just about full sun and the soil is absolutely perfect. We have a bore close by as well which has never looked like running dry, so this vegie garden should continue to thrive. Above is tomatoes (we have 2 types plus cherry tomatoes in the front garden) fancy lettuce, silverbeet and behind Lilly is garlic chives, 2 more types of lettuce, bok choy, beans and capsicums. Oh and cucumbers!

On the other side of the yard we have an area of pumpkins planted, I think there is 6 plants! I might need a stall out the front.

I need to put in a good patch of parsley, I use so much of the stuff, the original type, not the flat leaf, I think it gets too tough. Also need some basil and coriander.

Cherry tomatoes growing amongst the garden out the front, these came up on their own and we transplanted them to this sunny spot. We have been picking cherry toms for weeks, again thanks Dad!

Here is tonights harvest. I turned the cherry toms into Fresh tomato, prawn and bacon pasta: I can give you the recipe if you want ;)

And the silverbeet went into the lasagne for tomorrow night! I am on a bit of a gardening, cooking fresh food roll at the moment, so I hope you enjoy it!

Stay tuned for my next update: Mango Macadamia and Caramel Cheesecake including pics of my Mango tree.

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Andrea said...

WOW Leah, that's just awesome. I am hopeing we can do something sililar once we are finished with the reno - much smaller though!