Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sickeningly Gorgeous Wrap Skirt

Yep, this is sickeningly gorgeous and all for the small cost of $1
A perfect condition tablecloth which I nearly didn't cut, but you can only have so many of these things.

I turned it into a Make It Perfect Versatile Wrap which you can get from Kelani, which I've done a few times before and love it as does Kimmy. I dropped off a car load of gear to the Op Shop yesterday and had a quick browse of the 'Vintage' linens, cause you just never know, sometimes you score big time. I scored yesterday, there is another 3 tablecloths downstairs, one is almost finished into another wrap the other intact.
If you are clever you can get away with the original hem on the tablecloth for your skirt and I decided this skirt didn't need the contrast band around the bottom so left that off. I used up every last bit of the tablecloth(almost, the scraps left were not even worth the scrap pile) making the ties, and I make my ties longer than the pattern says, the longer the better.

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Mrs Bloggs Cec said...

thats gorgeous !

i must get back to sewing !!!!!!!