Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Rockabye Baby...

One of the doll's cradles we made. We made about 8 from memory for Lill's friends birthdays this year. We did them either pink or purple and stuck cute stickers on the head and end. I made simple sheets with either a mini quilt or polar fleece rug. Lill is yet to get her quilt, of course I'll be putting in a little more effort for her quilt...which is still not done...birthday was in April! These cradles cost next to nothing as we had all the MDF and paint, I think the most expensive part about them was the stickers!! All the girls just loved them. So here is a picture of one of them...

Also, here is a pic of one of our toy boxes that we have made.
This is Lilly's. We have only done a handful for friends.
It looks so good in her room. I have another pic of the toy box filled with
toys but am having trouble getting it on here, will try later...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Maypole Cake

I love making cakes, it usually sends me into a state of desrepair during the icing part but I do enjoy it and the kids love it.
This is a Maypole Cake from Lill's 4th birthday party. The little ladies are porcelin and are now living in Lill's bedroom safely on a shelf. You don't know how hard they were too find!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

First Ever Blog

Welcome to my Blog, I have just started doing sewing (mainly for fun, a fair bit of time wasting goes on along the way) and I also like to make nice cakes for my kids birthdays.

These are cord pants I made for Lill for kindy with pockets and elastic waist. Just what she needed to fit her long legs. This was the first item I made for her, so she was pretty impressed and loved wearing them.

I also made this Singlet Dress out of an old yellow Bonds singlet and some sheer 70's Op shop curtain material and lace to match! She calls this her Fern dress (from Charlotte's Web).
So far everything I have made for her she has given a name...