Monday, June 4, 2007

First Ever Blog

Welcome to my Blog, I have just started doing sewing (mainly for fun, a fair bit of time wasting goes on along the way) and I also like to make nice cakes for my kids birthdays.

These are cord pants I made for Lill for kindy with pockets and elastic waist. Just what she needed to fit her long legs. This was the first item I made for her, so she was pretty impressed and loved wearing them.

I also made this Singlet Dress out of an old yellow Bonds singlet and some sheer 70's Op shop curtain material and lace to match! She calls this her Fern dress (from Charlotte's Web).
So far everything I have made for her she has given a name...

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Sue Ledger said...

What a clever cookie you are, where do you find the time???? Our girls have been lucky recipients of the beautiful doll's beds and bedding and Liv just loves her shirred dress and matching hairbands.
Would love a couple of those crayon rolls and of course those gorgeous glam green bags. Always happy to be a taste tester for some of those gorgeous cakes.
Lucky to have a talented friend like you, wish some of that talent would rub off on me!!
Love Sue xxx