Sunday, August 24, 2008

Round Tablecloth Dress

This turned out super cute! I found this round tablecloth somewhere or other, soaked it in nappysan and turned it into a Spring twirly shirred dress. Little Miss loves it. I cut a round hole in the exact middle, about 40cm diameter, probably could have been a smaller hole by the way. And then turned over a small hem and then did 4 lines of shirring, sewed on some ribbons for straps and thats it! If you get the cut hole in the exact middle of the circle then the hem of your dress (which was the original rolled edge hem on the tablecloth) will be fairly level. There is no side seams because it is a circle. Now I am on another tangent looking for more round tablecloths instead of making bags I've already got cut!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pink Cupcakes

Cupcakes on a white background and hot pink with white spots lining. Our friendly chooks in the background: Henny Penny, Chicken Little, Thomas and Percy...don't ask me which one is which, but apparently you can tell!

And the sad news sewing machine seems to have died after this one was made! So it looks like Nanny's machine will be coming out till its fixed, thanks Nanny.

Vintage Sesame Street Bag

Finally I got this one done. I have had this material for a couple of years, I think it may have been a small curtain, I made Joey a pair of shorts when he was a baby and saved the rest. I only just got a bag out of it by joining pieces for the handles. Since this one is ours, I put a zippered pocket in (to stop the rummaging problem), which was pretty simple but I think I can figure out a neater way of doing this next time.

Mr Joe thought it was pretty cool as you can see. The kids gathered up all the Sesame Street toys we had to go in the bag. They didn't understand why Elmo couldn't be in the photo despite me telling them Elmo was relatively new to Sesame St, and not in the original line up! I guess this shows how old the material is...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Melly&Me bag

Here is a bag I have been meaning to make since April, since my lovely Aunty gave me the pattern for my birthday, along with a stash of gorgeous fabrics, that I haven't cut and just stare at all the time. She says thats ok (not to cut the fabric) as she does that as well, just stares!

Anyway, this is the Melly&Me Dolcetto. There are quite a few others I'd like to do from them as well.
The last pic is of a kangaroo salt and pepper shaker I got at an Antique Fair a couple of months ago, I noticed it again tonight when I took photos of the bag. Isn't it so cute!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

6 Random Things

I have been tagged by Ellie. I'll do my best to play along.

Here are the rules ...
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Last week, I decided I wanted to go on "Farmer Wants a Wife"!! My husband thinks I am very funny...I want to go out for dinner in a candlelit shearing shed and live on a farm. He is still laughing at me.

This has probably been my worst year of my life...losing Nanny and watching Lilly have her partial nephrectomy together with 3 hospital admissions at the RCH. In saying that, I don't think we have ever been happier now that we have moved to our little bit of acreage.

I went to Bribie Island for Schoolies week!

I regret not making my then boyfriend (husband) come flying around the world with me and friends when we were younger.

We had a beautiful wedding and honeymoon in the Maldives and Singapore. I have two beautiful children, I would love another but feel blessed as I am, so will leave that alone!

I have always owned Siamese Cats and Fox Terrier dogs since I was a little girl and still do, there is a cat on my lap at present!

Gee whiz, that was hard, I couldn't think of anything interesting.
I tag tigerfield, Tracy, Celia and when I think of some others, I'll tag you then, but all my sewing friends have been taken in this round of tagging!

Butterfly Glam Green Bag

I've done this one before, except I've used a pink and green spot lining instead of pink and white spot. This is a 5th birthday present.