Saturday, June 27, 2009

giveaway winner

Thanks so much everyone for entering, and for all the nice things you all said!

This week I have been busy with work but have managed to squeeze in a couple of gifts for little friends birthdays.

This 'm' singlet was for a little girl at kindy, dodgy photo of the back view sorry. I used some of the Sesame Street vintage sheet I've got left, I love this fabric so much.

Here is a 'b' singlet for another little friend using some Sandi Henderson Farmer's Market, a big fav of mine! That's the great thing about these projects, you can use your treasured fabric and still have heaps left!

So the winner is, with a very official draw from a container, since I had 18 entries I could afford the time to do this and I reckon its more fun that way:

@T, also known as Aimee I believe!

I've emailed you already and asked for details of what you would like!

I'll do another giveaway soon, I loved reading all the comments!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

GIVEAWAY...first ever!

Yep you read correctly... a giveaway, why not, I'm sharing the love!
Get in quick and enter!

The prize is an appliqued singlet, just like this one.

Or maybe like this pink one, as long as the name is not longer than 5 letters, in which case you could have an initial or another cutesy word! I've got a few more examples scattered throughout my blog! There is even a very cute crocodile singlet that someone might like.

...either way it will be very cute, you'll love it!

To enter my giveaway, just leave a comment by clicking on the comments link just below and tell me anything, I don't mind, I will enjoy reading the comments, I always do.

The winner will be drawn next Sunday the 28th, so you've got all week to enter, goodluck!
Make sure you leave me your email address or blog link so I can contact the lucky winner!

Birthday Sewing

A couple of smocks I made for two little birthday girl friends this month.

This pattern comes from the stash of patterns in my Nanny's sewing treasures, it may have even been one Mum used to make up for me when I was little.

This pink one is reversible in soft pink cord and green polka dots for Eleni. The white applique piece on the front is vintage (op shopped!), I've got another ready to be chopped up. The green buttons on the front are not doing much for me, so I am changing them, yet another trip to Spotlight!

And this Sesame Street number was given to Kirsten, our adorable little 4 year old friend. The Sesame Street fabric (an old sheet I think or maybe even curtain) was given to me by Kirsten's Mum, she's a good girl. I made these shorts first up when she first gave it to me, thanks Mel!
The lining of this one is hot pink cord, it looks great over jeans with a long sleeve white top for winter.

my little artist

I bought little miss a learn to draw book as a reward for something well done she did.
This is her first drawing after receiving the book.


Sorting and organising my little girls beautiful art work.

This would be one of my favourite things she draws, we find this particular note alot, in random places around the house.

The new banner above is Miss Lilly's work also, thanks clever girl. I must turn some of this into wearable art for you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I've been into crochet again at the moment and am finally getting around to putting the finished products on here! This pink beanie is for Lilly using this pattern. But beware if you follow this pattern, it turns out super tiny, so I upsized it with my Dad's mathematical help. Later I found an Adults version, I'd say mine is in between the adult's and the child's. I think the flower is the pattern from Attic 24, have you seen her blankets? they are just so gorgeous. I love that blog! I used Jet 12 ply wool, so its quite thick and warm despite the granny holes.

This one is for Joe, in browns and creams, I've done a Jet blue version in 12 ply as well, but no pics of that one! I have used this pattern for both of Joe's beanies, and again upsized it to fit better.

So after all this crochet, I needed somewhere to keep my tools and patterns. I had made this bag pictured below earlier this year using this pattern, which I had seen on Lisa's blog and got all inspired and luckily was able to make it then and there with the bamboo handles I had in my stash, as you do!!!

I used some of my favourite fabric in Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party.

For the crochet tool organiser, I had no choice but to match it the bag and used some more. I think, possibly, this crochet organiser would be my most favourite 'thing' I've ever made. Not sure if its the fabric choice, the usefulness of the thing, the cute button loop or what,

but I love it.

Here is the inside of my organiser. It's got room for about 6 hooks even though I mainly only use 2 different size hooks, a pen, scissors, unpicker, needle holder, note book and a spot for the current pattern I am working on. I guess this is just a version of a crayon roll.

Mum has just finished the most gorgeous ripple scarf for Lilly in pink, purple, green, blue and orange and a bobble scarf for me. She's been busy, I only took posession of these items tonight, so stay tuned.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Berry Choc Chip Pops

its definitely not the weather for these!

Joe boy wanted icy poles, I had white choc chips leftover in my hand, a new stash of berries in the this is what I came up with!

Berry Choc Chip Pops

1 cup natural yoghurt
2 cups vanilla icecream
1 cup mixed frozen berries (forest fruits pack: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries)or fresh berries if you have them
1 – 2 tablespoons agave nectar or more to your taste, but taste first after the choc chips go in
½ cup white choc chips

Process choc chips till crumbly then add remainder of ingredients and process to combine till the fruit is chopped up smaller. Pour into moulds, tap to remove air pockets and freeze, add paddle pop sticks when firmer.

Makes about 10 – 12 pops

Agave Nectar is delish, my friend Jen found it for me, you could use honey instead.