Saturday, June 27, 2009

giveaway winner

Thanks so much everyone for entering, and for all the nice things you all said!

This week I have been busy with work but have managed to squeeze in a couple of gifts for little friends birthdays.

This 'm' singlet was for a little girl at kindy, dodgy photo of the back view sorry. I used some of the Sesame Street vintage sheet I've got left, I love this fabric so much.

Here is a 'b' singlet for another little friend using some Sandi Henderson Farmer's Market, a big fav of mine! That's the great thing about these projects, you can use your treasured fabric and still have heaps left!

So the winner is, with a very official draw from a container, since I had 18 entries I could afford the time to do this and I reckon its more fun that way:

@T, also known as Aimee I believe!

I've emailed you already and asked for details of what you would like!

I'll do another giveaway soon, I loved reading all the comments!


@t said...

Wow! I won my 1st giveaway!!! Thanks Leah! My son will be so excited another birthday present for him!!!

Little Munchkins said...

Hi Leah,

Haven't seen you around lately on EB, how are you doing?

I remembered that you love the Pink Fig Lily top like I do and I just saw that the top is now available in larger sizes, up to Size 10. But you need to pay US$3.75 (if via paypal) for the size 7-10 tissue paper plus a little bit extra to cover postage to Aust. I paid an extra 50 cents for 2 patterns, so US$8 for two.

Here's more details :

Hope this helps!