Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I've been into crochet again at the moment and am finally getting around to putting the finished products on here! This pink beanie is for Lilly using this pattern. But beware if you follow this pattern, it turns out super tiny, so I upsized it with my Dad's mathematical help. Later I found an Adults version, I'd say mine is in between the adult's and the child's. I think the flower is the pattern from Attic 24, have you seen her blankets? they are just so gorgeous. I love that blog! I used Jet 12 ply wool, so its quite thick and warm despite the granny holes.

This one is for Joe, in browns and creams, I've done a Jet blue version in 12 ply as well, but no pics of that one! I have used this pattern for both of Joe's beanies, and again upsized it to fit better.

So after all this crochet, I needed somewhere to keep my tools and patterns. I had made this bag pictured below earlier this year using this pattern, which I had seen on Lisa's blog and got all inspired and luckily was able to make it then and there with the bamboo handles I had in my stash, as you do!!!

I used some of my favourite fabric in Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party.

For the crochet tool organiser, I had no choice but to match it the bag and used some more. I think, possibly, this crochet organiser would be my most favourite 'thing' I've ever made. Not sure if its the fabric choice, the usefulness of the thing, the cute button loop or what,

but I love it.

Here is the inside of my organiser. It's got room for about 6 hooks even though I mainly only use 2 different size hooks, a pen, scissors, unpicker, needle holder, note book and a spot for the current pattern I am working on. I guess this is just a version of a crayon roll.

Mum has just finished the most gorgeous ripple scarf for Lilly in pink, purple, green, blue and orange and a bobble scarf for me. She's been busy, I only took posession of these items tonight, so stay tuned.


Leah said...

Your work looks fantastic! I am learning to crochet but haven't got past granny squares yet :0)

Mrs Bloggs Cec said...

love the crochet! Its getting cold enuf for beanie's and your's are v stylish.

I love the fabric on the bag too