Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things for Kindy and School

A big boy's new kindy cushion cover with lots of things to eye spy at rest time.

A grade 2er's pencil case in hand picked fabrics by the owner.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Singlets and Skirts

Spotlight purchases turned into this cute skirt for Miss Lill.
It has a separate waistband which is hidden under that singlet but makes it sit much nicer than just folding over the top of the skirt and making a casing for the elastic.

and the same skirt style but for me in blue and white floral, again from the good old Light, I think this piece was $5, I only need a metre to make this knee length skirt.  I also did 2 Bonds skinny strap singlets for me the same as Lill's just by sewing on some pre-gathered lace but left out the ribbon bows. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Crochet Project and a Sneak Peak at my Bathroom Progress

As always when it comes to anything involving wool I don't finish stuff!
The bebop cardigan for Lilly is no further advanced than here and might get a bit more done next stint of night shift possibly.

So here I go starting something else!  It only involved a tiny bit more in the way of supplies, white wool for the edges.  I am making these cute little grannyish squares to make into a cushion for Lill's bed and I am going to edge them all in white, will figure out the back later, so far I am thinking a small print floral cotton.
This is Lucy's cute pattern, cept I didn't bobble the middle section, I just did clusters of 2 trebles or double crochets.  The bebop cardi uses bobbles and to be honest I can't see that they are that bobbly!  And bobbling makes me think too hard and crochet shouldn't make you think too hard, agree?

Next up I give you my bathroom, all but done! Massive cheers!
I am loving it except those wall tiles are not really white are they, they are supposed to be alabaster and in my books alabaster is almost white.  They are gorgeous though and massive things.  We have tiled floor to ceiling and those glass mosaic niches are just going to be the best. We are just waiting on the shower screen and mirror and taps to go on then its done!

Here is the super duper vanity.  Designed by me and made to fit every spare bit of space available!  There is a secret laundry shute in that first door in the middle and those drawers are so deep.  I need to get some Ikea dividers cause everything will be standing up rather than lying down in the drawers.  The drawers and doors are gloss white vinyl wraps and the top is stone, think it was called Torino, its all fairly boring colours but means I can have a shiny green plant on the bench and change my mind between chocolate, hot pink or even lime green accessories.
We also have a new toilet that has an easily removable lid and seat so I can clean it with bleach if I want, since we can't put anything like that down the drains (we have an Ecosafe sewerage treatment plant to look after!) Painting the toilet walls and bathroom ceiling is next up followed by choosing towel rails and drawer handles, so stay tuned for the finished product.

Pretty Little Girl

Little Miss wearing her butterfly singlet and one of our crocheted flowers in her hair.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Singlet Decorating

Today I have been making singlets, decorating them anyway.

I think this white one is my favourite.  It's just a Bonds skinny strap singlet and I've sewn on some white lace around the neck and added a pale pink double bow-handstitched.

It is so simple yet so pretty and so cheap!

I really love this one too!  Same singlet, blue ric rac around the neck and a cute old doily on the front from my stash.  You just never know what to do with these things when you find them until moments like today!

Isn't it just gorgeous!  I had pink and green ric rac but blue was perfect with the white.  By the way I paid her a gold coin per outfit change for this photo shoot, the frangipani props were her creative input and made me smile when I saw her picking them. 

3rd singlet and not happy anymore until I reminded her of the gold coin payment!

Strappy black singlet with cream broiderie lace trim sleeves and a cream double ribbon bow-handstitched.  Lill didn't like this one so much and checked it out in the mirror- she came running out shocked "Mum one of the bows has fallen off!"   Actually there was only 1, what do you think, does it need another bow on the other sleeve?

And lastly my little prince, "I want to be a model Mum"

I still haven't shown you all the sewing I did for myself pre Christmas. But here is some vintage goodness I found at Bargara on our camping holiday.

I love the orange and pink.

The doily has alot of work in it and a pretty soft orange crochet edge.  Somehow I will make these two into something special, they go together nicely.


Lilly is not too keen on this yellow number, it doesn't look so good Mum!  Yellow is her favourite colour and I love this fabric, never mind.  It can go to another home somewhere! It's a Bonds size 10 just for my record.

 I found this pink embroidered flower motif amongst Mum's lace stash when Lilly and I were rumaging together.  I sewed on some pretty white lace around the neckline and added the flowers, she looooves this one thanks very much.  This is a size 10-12 cotton Target singlet.

And this amazing work is todays crafty efforts by my 6 and 4  year olds! Lilly did the tortoise, not quite finished and the abstract number is Joe's colourful creation- a lamb and a caterpillar- use  your imgination!!!

Crochet Flower Hair Clips

I crocheted these a while back using this pattern and on our way to Dreamworld recently I stitched some clips to the back.

Lilly loves them and I filled in some spare time so everyones a winner!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Project of 2010

My little girl wanted to sew something, she dove in straight for the felt and the machine.  She drew a butterfly and together I showed her how to trace the design in pieces onto the double sided interfacing or whatever you call it and cut it all out.  She placed it all on the singlet and we ironed it on then I stitched it on and I could be as wonky as I wanted which was good because the machine is still playing up and hated going through the felt and was skipping stitches.  I got really mad at it and had to walk away once!  I love how it looks exactly like her drawing since I cut the shapes exactly as she drew them, no neatening. 
Don't you think she has done a good job, all her design and colours.
This is a really good way of using your child's artwork, my little girl does some really good drawings.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Busy December

I didn't have time to blog in December, so here is a start at a few things I made...

a Glam Green Bag for our favourite kindy teacher.  I found this cute Norweigian Birds print at Spotlight surprisingly and used some co-ordinating hot pink and lime green spots for the lining.  My machine played up big time making this and then has continued to play up now when I sew PVC or felt, I NEED A NEW ONE!

I said goodbye (to the cupboard as a backup and keep for Miss Lilly one day) to this old girl, Mum gave this new retro model about 10 years ago and it is good but not fantastic and since I busted the big bowl (I know I could have got a replacement) and it spins like a maniac, it was time for me to get this little ripper....

It is a whole new world with this thing.  I cannot describe how good it is.  The colour is Ice Blue.  We called her Gloria cause she is Glorious, sad but true.  The kids love her too.  I made my Aunty's secret recipe christmas biscuits in it with the dough hook, easy as.  I've even used it whiz up scrambled eggs, fritters, pancake batter and of course meringues, macaroons, christmas cake batter, gingerbread houses, chocolate mousse.  I am yet to make a pavlova.

I'll get back with some pictures of the clothes and gifts I made soon too.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Gingerbread House

We are still here!  We had a great Christmas, we made heaps of stuff including this unreal Gingerbread House using a special recipe that is guaranteed not to collapse and that it didn't!  The kids decorated it after we did the roofing. 
I will be back soon with pictures of all the stuff I've made, lots and lots including new stuff for me.

Happy 2010 to all my friends and family out there in blogland!