Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Project of 2010

My little girl wanted to sew something, she dove in straight for the felt and the machine.  She drew a butterfly and together I showed her how to trace the design in pieces onto the double sided interfacing or whatever you call it and cut it all out.  She placed it all on the singlet and we ironed it on then I stitched it on and I could be as wonky as I wanted which was good because the machine is still playing up and hated going through the felt and was skipping stitches.  I got really mad at it and had to walk away once!  I love how it looks exactly like her drawing since I cut the shapes exactly as she drew them, no neatening. 
Don't you think she has done a good job, all her design and colours.
This is a really good way of using your child's artwork, my little girl does some really good drawings.


Kate said...

How proud is your daughter?!! That is the best t'shirt. Re. the jam on my Daylesford Organics blog; I have never used pectin. I think that if you are using high acid fruit that is not overripe you shouldn't have a problem. Oh actually, a few times when my strawberry jam wouldn't set I added the lemon rind. I am not against pectin, I just have never used it and don't really know much about it. I hope you guys have a fabulous Wednesday.

granma said...

you are a clever girl Lilly Bel, granma loves you soooo much xoxoxoxox

Mrs Bloggs Cec said...

lovely Lilly ! you have done a very happy and colourful butterfly i wish i had more of those in my garden. Wear it with pride its beautiful