Saturday, January 16, 2010

Singlet Decorating

Today I have been making singlets, decorating them anyway.

I think this white one is my favourite.  It's just a Bonds skinny strap singlet and I've sewn on some white lace around the neck and added a pale pink double bow-handstitched.

It is so simple yet so pretty and so cheap!

I really love this one too!  Same singlet, blue ric rac around the neck and a cute old doily on the front from my stash.  You just never know what to do with these things when you find them until moments like today!

Isn't it just gorgeous!  I had pink and green ric rac but blue was perfect with the white.  By the way I paid her a gold coin per outfit change for this photo shoot, the frangipani props were her creative input and made me smile when I saw her picking them. 

3rd singlet and not happy anymore until I reminded her of the gold coin payment!

Strappy black singlet with cream broiderie lace trim sleeves and a cream double ribbon bow-handstitched.  Lill didn't like this one so much and checked it out in the mirror- she came running out shocked "Mum one of the bows has fallen off!"   Actually there was only 1, what do you think, does it need another bow on the other sleeve?

And lastly my little prince, "I want to be a model Mum"

I still haven't shown you all the sewing I did for myself pre Christmas. But here is some vintage goodness I found at Bargara on our camping holiday.

I love the orange and pink.

The doily has alot of work in it and a pretty soft orange crochet edge.  Somehow I will make these two into something special, they go together nicely.


Kate said...

They look great! The kids and the singlets.The doily one is my favourite. And no I don't think the black needs another bow.

Mrs Bloggs Cec said...

Hi Leah , they are lovely, Ive got heaps of doilies here somewhere, bloomhills in Maroochdore nearKFC are good for doilies too v nice ones if you are down around town.

Sharon said...

It sure is a small world hey! I bookmarked your blog from EB, and was just reading it and see you holidayed at Bargara...that is my part of the world!
Hope you had a great holiday!
(BytheOcean = EB)

Anonymous said...

Question as I am trying to think of ideas for party treats. When you sew the decorations onto the singlets do you just use normal cotton thread or is there a special stretchy thread that you use? Just have she gorgeous material I was going to cut out into hearts and sew on but not sure what thread to use. Thanks :)