Thursday, November 26, 2009

Table Runner

I made this gorgeous table runner this arvo after school.  Mum got the fabric in Bowral and the ric rac at the Remnant Warehouse.  She got lots of other good stuff as well and I am very jealous I wasn't with her when she bought it all!  My excellent Aunty was though, and took her to some really awesome places, you are so lovely Lydi!

I got that red and white stripey jug in Sydney so the runner and jug should feel right at home.  It looks kind of Christmasy too so I'm happy with that on the table right now.

And this is the rest of Mum's shopping, a little bit of Love (another skirt in the making), some Kaffe Fassett, Anna Maria and some more of those table runner panels.  The big dusty blue and strawberry piece at the bottom of the pile is for a massive tablecloth Mum is making.

How cute are these crocheted teapot cosies.  The little one was $8, its hard to see clearly but there is masses of hours in them, the black background is all crochet as well.  We love pansies!

Lastly my work in progress, Lill's next bebop cardi, one that fits hopefully.
x see you next time

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm making one of these!

I just love this! And I'm going straight out tomorrow after school drop off to get some rub on letters! I will have to get some beautiful scrap book papers as well I think and a couple more balls of Cleckheaton natural 8 ply cotton for the next cardigan that is already 1/2 done.
Click here for the link to this very sweet tutorial.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I did night shift this weekend and I completed this gorgeous cardigan while I suffered it out at work, lucky it was not too bad at the hospital and I got lots of spare breaks to crochet.

I used this pattern after being inspired here- a new found blog I've found.

I made the size L: 11-12 years but only using a 3 1/2 hook which made things pretty tight, it has turned out really small. So I guess it will be a present or go into my Etsy store when I get that sorted!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mummy Made Halloween

Gee whiz I felt the peer pressure this year which could come from no where else but school since its not really my thing! Halloween... like you've never seen, how could I get through to her (Grade 1 age) that there is no way in this world we are knocking on our neighbours door and asking for, and I sooo hate this word "candy". One way or another Lilly did not let up and in the end I felt I was letting her down, denying her of Christmas or something!
So I compromised.
First of all we went shopping for "candy" and talked about what we could give back to people/animals/the planet and she decided to buy some dog and cat food and give it to the RSPCA bin at Woolies. Good start.
Then we came home, made a couple of ghost costumes, sacrificing a perfectly good queen size flat sheet in the process and invited our best friends over for dinner.
We dressed up, one child threw a wobbly bob cause he couldn't see properly through his ghost eyes, hence why he is a lying down ghost in the above photo.
We had a 'candy' treasure hunt instead of door knocking, and for tricks we threw about 50 water bombs off the verandah at Daddy and made sure we picked up every last bit of balloon to stop the sea turtles eventually eating them!
Then and I think this may have been a small mistake watched Ghostbusters as they are now hooked, had a yummy gardeny dinner and followed it all up with the most chocolate ridden, lolly, icecream, make your own creation feast you could imagine!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shirred Dress

I've had this fabric for a while, just a spotlight number, really light.
Yesterday I turned it into a shirred dress for me, after which I am not sure about the stripes and colour, so it can be a 'House Christmas Dress' I think!

There was alot of shirring going on and wider than normal straps for me, it is very comfortable and cool.

I'll make a black one next, not so home madey looking hopefully.