Wednesday, April 29, 2009

would I change a thing?

... nup!
hang on, yes I would, I would magically make Lilly and Joey appear for the day!
I'm flashing back 8 years this September to our wedding day. I meant to do this last anniversary but scanning pictures was not that appealing. These are unprofessional photos taken by friends and family, the professional ones (in the times before digital) are bound forever in the big album which is stored in its special box never hardly ever looked at!
I'd definitely wear this dress again, yes definitely...I'd just have to get it out of the Airs & Graces windowed box and try and fit into it that's all! Back then, I wasn't into sewing so much but I did have detail in me and this dress was made especially for me and turned out exactly as I'd imagined, even down to the pattern I wanted the diamontes stitched into (I bet they called me a PITA behind the door!) The roses are preserved and framed on the wall, thanks Mum that really was a good idea, despite how ghastly I thought it was at first.
Here we are, all married and very happy!
Nothing's changed cept we've got Lilly and Joey...
NOW we are very very (infinity no returns very) happy!

sight words ruined my picture

Last night Lilly and I did this week's sight words homework. Our clever teacher always gives us interesting things to do. This week we were supplied with a plain white piece of cardboard a bit smaller than an A4 size and we had to fill it in with colour, this is what we did, mainly Lilly.
I did some of the flowers on the right, the trees and birds nests and helped fill in the blue sky.
Then we had to glue on the sight words, 6 of them, randomly onto the work, then draw puzzle pieces or wavy lines and carefully cut them all out making a puzzle.
Well the big mistake I made was helping create this masterpiece, naming flowers then drawing them, adding the birds nests (she could feel it in her heart when I drew the first bird, I could see it in her face!) she was so taken with our work and so happy. But then she went into an absolute state of desrepair when I read out the next instructions of glueing over the top and then cutting it up!!!!
So I scanned the picture before any of this happened and now I'm blogging the original drawing so everyone can appreciate it, cause she is still not happy about it all, and scoffs at the puzzle when we put it together.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sesame Street

So this cool as Sesame Street sheet became shorts.

owned and worn by a cool as and cute as little boy!
How could I choose which cheeky picture to put in here, so here are both of
my little beauty boy.

And so far I haven't had the right idea for what I can do with the rest of it (the sheet), which is destined to head Kirsten's way, since this little rascal's mummy found it!

singlet love

love love love this singlet...

and I believe it is very very very another Lily!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Happy 6th Birthday to my little Lilly!

Born on Anzac Day, such a special girl, we did the Anzac Day parade for the first time marching with our school this year in full school uniform, remembering those brave people that lost their lives for us.

We will never forget, ever.

After the parade and service we went on a special tour of the Australian Wildlife Hospital at Australia Zoo. It was great, we saw a Koala, snake and possum all having different operations, we saw all the different wards with lots of patients, the orphaned Koala's learning how to be grown up wild Koala's and much much more.

Lilly got this Sea Turtle Puppet, in pic above for her birthday, since she loves Sea Turtles and has been fascinated with Puppets since seeing this recently!
Then we stopped off at a nearby dam and found some water lily leaves for her cake since we couldn't buy any plastic ones! This year Lilly helped me make her cake, she came up with the whole idea and I think we did a pretty good job.
The Frog Pond.

We had Roast Pork as requested for dinner and a couple more presents at bedtime.

A very busy but so much fun day it was!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!

Monday, April 20, 2009

i can feel it in my heart

Lill and I headed out together today for the last day of school hols, we had a few jobs to do and I thought we'd check out some Op shops as well. So driving along I am looking at her in the rear vision mirror and I tell her the plan then she says to me:
Mum I think this is going to be a great day today, I can feel it in my bones,
actually I can feel it in my heart.

We exchanged a Pandora charm that I already had and got our bracelets cleaned while we were there. Browsed in the Op shop next door while we waited then had a smoothie and coffee followed by a visit to Nimble Stitches, the tiny boutique fabric store (the only boutique fabric store!) on the coast and picked out some fabric for a dress for a little friends birthday.

Then we headed on down to the other Op shops we check out every so often and found a few more treasures.
I think my favourtie find is this little pink vase which I think is actually a candle stick that my lovely little Lilly discovered with her heart.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lemon and Lime Pillowcase Dress

First up check out the cute little boy, with a fresh haircut! Bouncing!

This is a version of the Strappy Sundress. The pattern only goes to a size 6, a very small size 6 so I tried to make it bigger, mainly the bodice, I'd say this is now a size 10 as that's the size my cute almost 6 year old now wears!

I challenged myself to use only a pillowcase, a vintage pillowcase at that! But I had to call on the trusty spots pile of fabric for the green as there wasn't quite enough. So I used the green on the back casing and bodice lining otherwise the rest of the dress is made from one pillowcase. Bougainvillea's don't smell Lill! But seconds later we spotted a tiny blue butterfly nearby to this which we need to identify. Stayed tuned for our caterpillar-butterfly news we've got going on here, got stacks of photos of the whole process, more to come on that...

Here is a pic of the dress I made prior to the yellow one.

I used 2 vintage pillowcases for it and nothing else, except the new elastic but that's it, so this dress cost $1. And unfortunately didn't get a good pic of it while it was being worn roller skating the other day! The front of the skirt part of the dress has a white pillowcase with embroidery on it sewn into the blue floral main part. I used part of the white case to make the straps and line the bodice.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Part 2 Mon Repos

Remember this post...

Well we made our return visit (back at the end of Feb, slack blogger). It was fantastic.

We saw hatchlings, got to very gently touch one and say a quick goodluck little loggerhead turtle, be safe on your journey!

Unfortunately for us the nest we saw hatch was a 'priority' nest so that meant all the hatchlings were being taken back to the research centre to be photographed, measured and weighed and then released later on. I desperately needed my kids to see these little miracles enter the ocean, so they knew what really happened. So we asked if we could wait till all the groups had been down on the beach and then go again. Lucky for us, 3 hours or so later at about 10.45pm, our family- the only standing children around were taken back to the beach and we saw hatchlings enter the water!

They ran through the kids feet, we met Ranger John (in picture above) and we learnt heaps!

Since we have been home, we have learnt alot more about the sea turtles that nest on our very own beaches here and the programs in place to help protect them. I have registered with this group to be a volunteer next breeding season!

Easter Bunny

We won first prize in our Easter Kindy Raffle! and amongst the goodies was the cutest bunny softie made by hand by a very talented Kindy Mum who I would love to meet some day (she's in the other group!) using vintage fabrics, he is blue and we named him Peter! No picture of him sorry.

Lilly thought it was gorgeous and wanted one for herself since Joe boy is the big kindy kid and the ticket was in his name! So there was only one choice after this win, make a pink one, somebody had to. We used the special blue rabbit as inspiration for this pink bunny.
Miss Lilly picked out the fabrics, some old, some new, the decorations and special touches.
This one is called Flopsy! I made another as a gift after Flopsy, she was pink as well and had a few other details. I've bought some more corduroy and bits and pieces to make some more!

The Easter Bunny didn't leave alot of chocolate in our nests but he did leave a note! We had an Easter hunt after breakfast with 14 tricky clues, so much fun! And we used team work, patience and most importantly generosity and GIVING! Later that day, I overheard Joey (nearly 4) tell his sister "teamwork Lill, that's what we need like that bunny game this morning".

After hearing that it was all so worth it!