Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lemon and Lime Pillowcase Dress

First up check out the cute little boy, with a fresh haircut! Bouncing!

This is a version of the Strappy Sundress. The pattern only goes to a size 6, a very small size 6 so I tried to make it bigger, mainly the bodice, I'd say this is now a size 10 as that's the size my cute almost 6 year old now wears!

I challenged myself to use only a pillowcase, a vintage pillowcase at that! But I had to call on the trusty spots pile of fabric for the green as there wasn't quite enough. So I used the green on the back casing and bodice lining otherwise the rest of the dress is made from one pillowcase. Bougainvillea's don't smell Lill! But seconds later we spotted a tiny blue butterfly nearby to this which we need to identify. Stayed tuned for our caterpillar-butterfly news we've got going on here, got stacks of photos of the whole process, more to come on that...

Here is a pic of the dress I made prior to the yellow one.

I used 2 vintage pillowcases for it and nothing else, except the new elastic but that's it, so this dress cost $1. And unfortunately didn't get a good pic of it while it was being worn roller skating the other day! The front of the skirt part of the dress has a white pillowcase with embroidery on it sewn into the blue floral main part. I used part of the white case to make the straps and line the bodice.


Becky said...

Such a cute sundress! I love the yellow and green combo and the idea of using of a pillowcase!!

Little Munchkins said...

One of my favourite patterns...your versions looks pretty (and seriously cheap!).

I am glad it is easy to modify that pattern. I think I am going to be making one for DD every year :)