Sunday, April 26, 2009


Happy 6th Birthday to my little Lilly!

Born on Anzac Day, such a special girl, we did the Anzac Day parade for the first time marching with our school this year in full school uniform, remembering those brave people that lost their lives for us.

We will never forget, ever.

After the parade and service we went on a special tour of the Australian Wildlife Hospital at Australia Zoo. It was great, we saw a Koala, snake and possum all having different operations, we saw all the different wards with lots of patients, the orphaned Koala's learning how to be grown up wild Koala's and much much more.

Lilly got this Sea Turtle Puppet, in pic above for her birthday, since she loves Sea Turtles and has been fascinated with Puppets since seeing this recently!
Then we stopped off at a nearby dam and found some water lily leaves for her cake since we couldn't buy any plastic ones! This year Lilly helped me make her cake, she came up with the whole idea and I think we did a pretty good job.
The Frog Pond.

We had Roast Pork as requested for dinner and a couple more presents at bedtime.

A very busy but so much fun day it was!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!

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