Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sight words ruined my picture

Last night Lilly and I did this week's sight words homework. Our clever teacher always gives us interesting things to do. This week we were supplied with a plain white piece of cardboard a bit smaller than an A4 size and we had to fill it in with colour, this is what we did, mainly Lilly.
I did some of the flowers on the right, the trees and birds nests and helped fill in the blue sky.
Then we had to glue on the sight words, 6 of them, randomly onto the work, then draw puzzle pieces or wavy lines and carefully cut them all out making a puzzle.
Well the big mistake I made was helping create this masterpiece, naming flowers then drawing them, adding the birds nests (she could feel it in her heart when I drew the first bird, I could see it in her face!) she was so taken with our work and so happy. But then she went into an absolute state of desrepair when I read out the next instructions of glueing over the top and then cutting it up!!!!
So I scanned the picture before any of this happened and now I'm blogging the original drawing so everyone can appreciate it, cause she is still not happy about it all, and scoffs at the puzzle when we put it together.

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