Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Bunny

We won first prize in our Easter Kindy Raffle! and amongst the goodies was the cutest bunny softie made by hand by a very talented Kindy Mum who I would love to meet some day (she's in the other group!) using vintage fabrics, he is blue and we named him Peter! No picture of him sorry.

Lilly thought it was gorgeous and wanted one for herself since Joe boy is the big kindy kid and the ticket was in his name! So there was only one choice after this win, make a pink one, somebody had to. We used the special blue rabbit as inspiration for this pink bunny.
Miss Lilly picked out the fabrics, some old, some new, the decorations and special touches.
This one is called Flopsy! I made another as a gift after Flopsy, she was pink as well and had a few other details. I've bought some more corduroy and bits and pieces to make some more!

The Easter Bunny didn't leave alot of chocolate in our nests but he did leave a note! We had an Easter hunt after breakfast with 14 tricky clues, so much fun! And we used team work, patience and most importantly generosity and GIVING! Later that day, I overheard Joey (nearly 4) tell his sister "teamwork Lill, that's what we need like that bunny game this morning".

After hearing that it was all so worth it!

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