Wednesday, April 29, 2009

would I change a thing?

... nup!
hang on, yes I would, I would magically make Lilly and Joey appear for the day!
I'm flashing back 8 years this September to our wedding day. I meant to do this last anniversary but scanning pictures was not that appealing. These are unprofessional photos taken by friends and family, the professional ones (in the times before digital) are bound forever in the big album which is stored in its special box never hardly ever looked at!
I'd definitely wear this dress again, yes definitely...I'd just have to get it out of the Airs & Graces windowed box and try and fit into it that's all! Back then, I wasn't into sewing so much but I did have detail in me and this dress was made especially for me and turned out exactly as I'd imagined, even down to the pattern I wanted the diamontes stitched into (I bet they called me a PITA behind the door!) The roses are preserved and framed on the wall, thanks Mum that really was a good idea, despite how ghastly I thought it was at first.
Here we are, all married and very happy!
Nothing's changed cept we've got Lilly and Joey...
NOW we are very very (infinity no returns very) happy!

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Lisa said...

Wow our wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses were similar!