Thursday, November 26, 2009

Table Runner

I made this gorgeous table runner this arvo after school.  Mum got the fabric in Bowral and the ric rac at the Remnant Warehouse.  She got lots of other good stuff as well and I am very jealous I wasn't with her when she bought it all!  My excellent Aunty was though, and took her to some really awesome places, you are so lovely Lydi!

I got that red and white stripey jug in Sydney so the runner and jug should feel right at home.  It looks kind of Christmasy too so I'm happy with that on the table right now.

And this is the rest of Mum's shopping, a little bit of Love (another skirt in the making), some Kaffe Fassett, Anna Maria and some more of those table runner panels.  The big dusty blue and strawberry piece at the bottom of the pile is for a massive tablecloth Mum is making.

How cute are these crocheted teapot cosies.  The little one was $8, its hard to see clearly but there is masses of hours in them, the black background is all crochet as well.  We love pansies!

Lastly my work in progress, Lill's next bebop cardi, one that fits hopefully.
x see you next time


Little Munchkins said...

Gorgeous fabrics!

You know, I was never really keen on Kaffe Kassett fabrics before but I bought some coz they were cheap and I actually quite liked it. A bit different from the mainstream popular fabrics but lovely nonetheless.

Kate said...

Let me know how you go with the sizing of the new cardi. I really want to start another one but the problems with the sizing really put me off last time.