Sunday, November 15, 2009


I did night shift this weekend and I completed this gorgeous cardigan while I suffered it out at work, lucky it was not too bad at the hospital and I got lots of spare breaks to crochet.

I used this pattern after being inspired here- a new found blog I've found.

I made the size L: 11-12 years but only using a 3 1/2 hook which made things pretty tight, it has turned out really small. So I guess it will be a present or go into my Etsy store when I get that sorted!


Lisa said...


Kate said...

It is gorgeous! Your crochet is so neat and I cannot believe how perfect your bobbly things are. Mine turned out really small too. I'm going to have another go soon. What size do you think yours is so I can work out what size I should make? Have a lovely night. XX

Carolyn said...

thats georgeous!

I am on a string of night duties atm. Have taken my knitting and try to do it between the buzzers