Saturday, January 16, 2010


Lilly is not too keen on this yellow number, it doesn't look so good Mum!  Yellow is her favourite colour and I love this fabric, never mind.  It can go to another home somewhere! It's a Bonds size 10 just for my record.

 I found this pink embroidered flower motif amongst Mum's lace stash when Lilly and I were rumaging together.  I sewed on some pretty white lace around the neckline and added the flowers, she looooves this one thanks very much.  This is a size 10-12 cotton Target singlet.

And this amazing work is todays crafty efforts by my 6 and 4  year olds! Lilly did the tortoise, not quite finished and the abstract number is Joe's colourful creation- a lamb and a caterpillar- use  your imgination!!!

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