Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthday Sewing

A couple of smocks I made for two little birthday girl friends this month.

This pattern comes from the stash of patterns in my Nanny's sewing treasures, it may have even been one Mum used to make up for me when I was little.

This pink one is reversible in soft pink cord and green polka dots for Eleni. The white applique piece on the front is vintage (op shopped!), I've got another ready to be chopped up. The green buttons on the front are not doing much for me, so I am changing them, yet another trip to Spotlight!

And this Sesame Street number was given to Kirsten, our adorable little 4 year old friend. The Sesame Street fabric (an old sheet I think or maybe even curtain) was given to me by Kirsten's Mum, she's a good girl. I made these shorts first up when she first gave it to me, thanks Mel!
The lining of this one is hot pink cord, it looks great over jeans with a long sleeve white top for winter.


mel diggle said...

Kirsten wore this the other day shopping with leggings. It's the cutest outfit. Very special pressie, thanks Leah.

becanne said...

These are so cute! That sesame st fabric must have been around a while but the clours are so vibrant. I'm sure we had pillow cases like this several decades ago...
I'm very taken with the way you appliqued that embroidery on the first one. I've got a few napkins and doileys stashed and that looks so lovely and simple.