Monday, August 10, 2009

giveaway prize!

This is the singlet I made for my first giveaway!

Aimee from @T was the winning commenter and she finally received her prize, yay!

and this view is not some weird artistic angle...if you look closely you can see a male King Parrot in the Jacaranda tree behind the clothesline! This makes me sooo happy, they come fairly regularly, always in pairs and eat the sunflower seed bells we put out for them. We watch them from the verandah, they are so beautiful and wild and flying around where they should be, I love them, said that!

Soon I will show you the baby quilt I made, quickly made, for my new cousin Violet, 2nd cousin, something like that, a daughter of my beautiful cousin Bek.

1 comment:

Bek said...

violet loves her quilt! i will have to send a picture xoxo