Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Wildlife Warriors

Here is a full view of Lill's new outfit! Details below.
The back of the singlet and yes, the square and heart is supposed to be wonky!

Cute little Croc girl!

These are...wait for it... Burda 9793 shorts in a size 6 that I've made a million times already this year! I think I could make them with my eyes closed now! Lilly picked out this fabric when she helped me choose the fabric for Joe boy's shorts so I've finally made them for her.
Of course I didn't buy enough for her size so I had to use pink spot for the pockets and a camo print for the waistband, which as it turns out looks great. Half a metre only does the front and back on these shorts for a size 6, must remember that!

I had this Australia Zoo badge in my stash which is perfect for these shorts. Now to make a matching singlet.


This is an appliqued singlet with ROAR in jungle animal print and leopard/camo prints for a little 4 year old boy's birthday!
I am hoping to make mostly handmade gifts this year for my friends kids birthday's...trouble is they are all mostly in April!

I'll give it my best anyhow.


Beetlehouse Designs said...

I LOVE the shorts!!! They are gorgeous!!!! Well done. The singlet is just tooo cute. You always sew lovely things.

Andrea said...

I love the shorts Leah, do you lengthen that pattern?
Gret shirts to, love the detail on the back.

Leah (mummy made it) said...

Yes Andrea, the shorts are lengthened a bit. I need to retrace the pattern again as its been well abused and one leg always ends up longer than the other!!!

Austy's Mum said...

Love the roar tank. Lilly looks pretty cute in her outfit too.