Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kindy Shorts

I have been on a shorts making frenzy these last few days! I just couldn't stop...and you know I could probably do more.
Actually I have to do more, since Lilly picked all this fabric with me last week for Joe boy's kindy shorts, she managed to throw in a couple of rolls for herself as well! The best fabric she picked is an all over jungle animal print which I have made into 2 pairs for each of them. Will blog that later when they are wearing them.
But there is also a pink version of a camo print she had to have which I have to make up.
Then I'll tackle the kindy sheets, matching bag and pillow.

So this pattern is the famous Burda shorts pattern that I love so much in a size 2, a generous cut and scant seam though. I did varying lengths just for variety. I love these cause they are so easy to pull on and off and using cotton makes them super comfy for lots of play at Kindy. Joey loves the pockets and with the contrasting pocket yoke they look a little less like PJ pants!

And here is my other trusty sewing companion, my kitty cat, Miss Pinkee. Her favourite place is the ironing board. She's a nice cat, doesn't cause any problems, puts up with the Fox and keeps me company at night. She's turning 9 years old very soon.


Little Munchkins said...

You are definitely getting your money's worth using that pattern LOL.

I think Joe is going to be the best dressed boy at kindy with all those shorts!

Lisa said...

You have been busy! I love this pattern, such a quick and easy pair of shorts and def. more "shorts" than PJs.

Austy's Mum said...

The shorts look bright and fun - I bet he loves them! And your cat looks just like mine, although mine has become a bit of a whinger since Austy came along, I guess he thinks he needs to compete for my attention nowadays. His favourite spot is the rocking chair in the nursery - he's not meant to be in there but he sneaks in as soon as he spies the door left open!