Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pink Cupcakes

Cupcakes on a white background and hot pink with white spots lining. Our friendly chooks in the background: Henny Penny, Chicken Little, Thomas and Percy...don't ask me which one is which, but apparently you can tell!

And the sad news sewing machine seems to have died after this one was made! So it looks like Nanny's machine will be coming out till its fixed, thanks Nanny.


Emma said...

I love this bag so much that I went to SL and got the exact same material (inside and out) and made it! Such a beautiful combination! Thanks.

Rocal said...

Loving your bags they are wonderful. I am now inspired to give them a try!

Red Haired Girl said...

Leah, that is so cute, especially love the sesame street one. I picked up a Mickey Mouse pillowcase in the op shop the other day, maybe I should make something like that from it.

p.s. I tagged you, hope you don't mind.