Sunday, August 24, 2008

Round Tablecloth Dress

This turned out super cute! I found this round tablecloth somewhere or other, soaked it in nappysan and turned it into a Spring twirly shirred dress. Little Miss loves it. I cut a round hole in the exact middle, about 40cm diameter, probably could have been a smaller hole by the way. And then turned over a small hem and then did 4 lines of shirring, sewed on some ribbons for straps and thats it! If you get the cut hole in the exact middle of the circle then the hem of your dress (which was the original rolled edge hem on the tablecloth) will be fairly level. There is no side seams because it is a circle. Now I am on another tangent looking for more round tablecloths instead of making bags I've already got cut!


Rocal said...

Absolutely gorgeous, what a clever idea! The model is adorable too:)

Tigerfield said...

What a great idea. The dress looks gorgeous.

Naomi said...

You are one clever chick! Love the blog. xx CN.