Friday, September 5, 2008

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs- not sewing related at all!

Ever since I was little I have been fascinated by Snow White! I think it may have started back when we used to go here...every time we went to Port Macquarie on holidays. Fantasy Glades is now closed unfortunately, my kids would have loved it, I think my favourite thing was the 7 Dwarfs house (you could go in, upstairs and everything, furniture the lot- all cubby house size!) and the coin operated cars- they were great, oh the Diamond Mine, I could go on and on, maybe it was because the people that ran Fantasy Glades were all Dwarfs themselves, I don't know but I loved it all! It first opened in 1967 and closed in 2002, imagine when it was sold all the stuff up for grabs.
We found this set at the markets recently, made from the usual garden gnome plaster and painted, we spray lacquered them all so they last a bit longer without fading and peeling. They are standing under the big camphor laurel tree near the kids play area.

Thanks for reading while I relive my childhood memories! I am going to dig up some old Fantasy Glades photos from Mum's!


Lisa said...

How great would it be having this in you're garden as a child! Love the toadstools too. Thanks for the comment on my blog, yes our bookcase is the Ikea Expedit one.

Bek said...

I remember being there with you!! We have photos in the strange mirrors that made us all really fat then skinny. And remember the dwarf size church? I have a vague memory of the "crazy uncles" on their knees (with shoes under knees) walking down the isle and having a mock are we so normal with all that in our childhood?? xoxo Bek