Tuesday, September 9, 2008

PinkFig Lily Top

I have lots of good news! My sewing machine and overlocker went in for a service and came back today like brand new again, so exciting, the overlocker had been 'broken' for a long while and now its like a dream to sew stuff!

Yesterday my Kelani order arrived, super quick I might add and very nicely packaged. Amongst the goodies was my first Pink Fig pattern- The Lily Top. So I made it using stash fabric in case it didn't turn out, but luckily it did! I am not sure that Lilly will actually get to wear this dress, not for the bright yellow colour (she will think its the most beautiful coloured dress in the whole wide world knowing her) but for the size. I cut and made the largest size, a 7 and I think its going to be a tight squeeze. Somehow I should be able to make the next one bigger as the pieces were all very very simple as was the dress to make really. There is shirring around the neckline, the sleeves and the chest, 4 rows for each section and the pattern tells you to steam the elastic to make it pucker up even more which works a treat! Chelsea from Pink Fig has a great shirring tutorial here. I don't think it really needs the sash with the shirring around the chest but I guess it adds an extra contrast. I can't wait to make it in the Farmers Market fabrics I've got coming.


Lisa said...

Can't believe that is your "practice" material, it's perfect! I'm sure you could make her squeeze into it, just so it's worn!

Red Haired Girl said...

That's so pretty. I'd wear that myself. Hope you can squeeze Lily in to it, if not some other little girl is going to be very happy. Well done.

It's so great when your machine does what you want it to!!!

hollybeagle1981 said...

That is just adorable! And I love the fabric combo too. Can't wait to see it in your Farmers market fabric! Hmm.. maybe my little girl needs one of those :P