Thursday, September 24, 2009

My New Favourite

Sandi Henderson has released her new fabric range!
I love it!

I am so sorry Farmers Market, but you are out and this is in! Actually you will probably work together, so you can stay. I still have 2 metres of Vintage Cherries in my stash, one day I will hang it in my bedroom when the bedroom gets built...

This seems a bit more grown up but still so pretty. I love this combination (below) which Sandi says she has a dress combination cut out for herself in.

I have got a couple of favourites picked out, but a bit tricky to describe which ones for now without single images. And I have just had a teleconference with my best friend Kimmy discussing which ones we love the best, so Kelani you had better get these in stock ASAP! Please!
All images from Sandi's blog Portabellopixie.

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