Thursday, April 15, 2010

I love Elliott Heads

We spent a week at Elliott Heads for the school holidays, it is possibly my most favourite place.
Before we went on Good Friday, I sewed for 5 straight hours and only stopped because I ran out of overlocker thread!!!
I was so productive, not one unpick or mess up.  I made Lilly the outfit above, which is made from a gorgeous op shop tablecloth (the orange piece at the front) and doily I scored last time we were in Bargara.  I used lots of my bits and pieces on the skirt and got a bit fancy with the wasit band, adding belt loops and a belt.  The waistband also has elastic but the belt is so cute.  The heart appliqued singlet is part of the tablecloth as well, I love orange and pink!
This is an A line skirt with elastic waist and draw string for something different, using more of the cute orange tablecloth and another embroidered tablecloth I had.  Joe boy is modelling for me, this was a gift for one of our friends.  Lilly also got one of these skirts. 
I threw in a fine lacey doily on the side and at the back there is a bit more doily poking out from under the waistband.  Very cute.  Lilly also got a pillowcase dress made with a blue and white floral sheet with a ruffle around the bottom.  So she had lots of cool beachy clothes to wear that cost virtually nothing!
At Elliott I spent the week collecting shells, sorting shells, threading shells and tying shells onto fishing line to make long strings of shells which are now beautifully hanging downstairs from a piece of driftwood, this was my craft for the week.

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mummymadesigns said...

Yay you are back on here , Ive missed you . Where is Elliott Heads? Its down south? We are waiting to hear about Nicks new truck then he will be working for himself doing pumps, if you need a pump techy let me know !
Love the skirts too , doilys in the right size are becoming hard to find dwon here on the coast