Saturday, May 29, 2010

Monarch Caterpillar Update

Munchie the caterpillar is growing!
He/she has more than doubled in size in 1 week and yesterday we saw him/her shed its skin!  They do this a few times as they grow but we've never actually seen it happening before.  You can see the skin behind him (look I am just going to refer to Munchie as a him ok!!)

And my 2 trusty caterpillar observers keeping a close eye on things.  You can just see Munchie on the underside of a leaf nearby to Lilly who is on the right of the picture.
p.s. like I predicted we now have a total of 8 caterpillars, in various stages of growth on this one branch of milk weed!  It is amazing how tiny the eggs are and all of a sudden if  you study the leaves closely tiny tiny caterpillars seem to appear before your eyes.  And as I also predicted, we will be needing another fresh branch to continue feeding these little guys which will in turn bring more eggs!  So as soon as Munchie turns into a chrysalis and then a butterfuly, we will put the branches back at the milk weed patch so the rest of the little caterpillars can do their thing there!

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