Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Girl Turns 7

We had a beautiful party for Lilly on her Birthday this Anzac Day.
This is the gorgeous cake we made together.  Yep, front cover of one of the Women's Weekly Cake books, I love it every time I get that book off the shelf.
I could not get plain green wrapping paper with hours to spare so settled for this colourful spotty stuff, I am too fussy.  Lilly designed the tulip flowers on the fairy house with delicious sugared almonds in pastel colours and mini musk lollies.  I esp love the marshmallow toadstalls, they are so simple yet so cute.  This year I used packet cake mixes and I think I will be doing this again, too easy and they really are quite nice and hold together well for this sort of thing.

We also made a pinata!  It was the most awesome thing ever (except for the hot pink pig pinata Stephen and I made for Lilly's 2nd birthday).  Lilly and Joey helped me work on it all week prior to the party, adding layers of newspaper with PVA glue until the final coat where I used flour and water in a thick paste to really make it tough! 
This is the inside of the pinata just after we tipped in lollies, toys, glitter and sparkles. 
It was massive.  I got the biggest balloon you can buy from Spotlight and it ended up very big.  The kids painted it and Joey worked so hard glueing on strips of crepe paper to decorate it.  We decided it looked like a jelly fish, so it ended up a Rainbow Jellyfish Pinata!  It was so big, I had to wrap the rope around the whole thing to secure it.  A better way is to paper maiche the securing rope/twine into the layers as you go but with only the week to get it done- I had to cut corners!!  We dried it each night in the bathroom with the heater lights!
It took a bit of smashing!  But everyone got a go and then scrambled for the toys and lollies!
For something that costs roughly $5 if that, plus the filling which you would buy anyway with a store bought pinata - it is such a good idea to make your own.  For a crafty family we had a great time creating it and it ended up looking pretty cool and more intriguing to smash and bash since it wasn't  your average 'character themed' pinata!
For an extra special surprise treat, we booked a balloon twisting clown who did magic!
This is the Lady Beetle she made for my wrist- so cute.
...and she turned this lot of balloons into...
...this so cute monkey up a tree! 
She was very talented and kept the kids entertained for 2 hours with her magic show, tricks, magic cake cooking, juggling and balloon twisting.  The jokes were pretty good too, I had sore cheeks from laughing and smiling for 2 hours!  Thanks Miss Donna!

Happy Birthday beautiful Lilly xxx

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