Sunday, May 30, 2010

Organising Craft (trying hard to)

There is a million different options for doing craft/drawing/colouring here at this house. 
I am always tidying it up.  Here is the latest array of options.  (there is another small box housing all the derwent pencils in tins and oil pastels and textas as well!)
I was running out of containers- upright sides, not sloping are the best to house pencils, crayons and textas.  So I got the mod podge out and these cute scraps and made over a milo tin!
So I think I'll be doing a few more since it looks pretty good and works perfectly.  These are Joey's chubby pencils.
She is only 7 years old and she can draw.  I find  these 'sketches' scattered all over the place. 
I am pretty sure this one is a donkey.  Clever girl Lill!

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granma said...

I love this donkey Lilly he beautiful love granma