Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lemon Butter and Paper Craft

Yesterday we had a day at home.
I made Lemon Butter using a recipe from Julie Goodwin's new book and the kids made flowers. 

They made lots of colourful flowers using cupcake cases, pipe cleaners, paddle pop sticks and crepe paper.
Lilly was testing out ways to make flowers for table centrepieces at our school Fete Cafe I am helping organise.
I think they are beautiful. 
Yummm Lemon Butter, best eaten straight from the jar!


granma said...

Oh thanks mum for giving me the book with the lovely recipe, & taking me to the man who has the lovely cordylynes....

granma said...

I love your drawing Lilly, I reconize so many things that you have drawn in it, love the bowl of yellow flowers, & daddy putting rubbish in the bin, the tree house with ladder so much you are so clever. Lemon butter was delicous thanks