Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What we did on Mothers Day...

We took some photos of Granma's presents after breakfast in bed.
We (me) are now addicted to making hexagons and don't know what to do with them all!  Click here to check out my gorgeous dolls quilt that Nanny made me when I was little out of scraps and hexagons.  It is very very special.
Back of the bag. 
These are all Nanny's scraps and some of the pieces were already put together.  I made some mini log cabin pieces and chopped up some more white and joined them all together to make the back piece of the bag.  Cousins and Aunties who read this will recognise some of the fabric from items that Nanny has made into beautiful items for them.  I think Nanny would be pretty happy that I am still using her fabric, esp to make something so special for my Mum who misses Nanny so much. (me too)
Inside of the bag with a special zippered pocket so Mum doesn't lose her stuff and a key loop.  Here is a link to how to make that pocket, it was easy Mum!

We tried out Mum's other gift, a tea cup bird feeder.

We admired the only flower on my Just Joey rose and admired the blue hyacinth for Mum as well.
We went to the beach, gave Granma presents, cards and chocolate.
We did my most favourite thing: collect shells. 
We had a Mothers Day photo, I love you both so much!
After lunch, we fitted in a slice of Mum's sponge, it was good as usual.
We came home, sorted shells, threaded shells and tied another string of shells and threw the ones with no hole in the shell garden.
The boys did some mowing.
We put the other teacup bird feeders in our garden to try out.
They don't match, but aren't they cute anyway.
And lastly, my little boy, found a bird ornament try it out.  Looks like a nice sturdy perch Joe boy. 

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