Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Kitchen - Before and After(Better)

Here is my kitchen BEFORE.
That is, before we bought this house, before when the 'squatters' lived here, very very before!
Actually this photo doesn't really tell the full picture.  This house was a mess, a filthy falling apart mess but we loved the land and river so we bought it and we are slowly but surely making it beautiful.

Here is my better kitchen, much much better.  Not exactly how I want it, actually probably not really even close, but better!
All we did was rip off the disgustingly filthy brown tiles with feature scene over the cooktop and retile with large white rectangular tiles standing up on the short edge.  This way we hardly had any cuts and the grout lines are only vertical so it kind of looks like glass, kind of and only cost $60 since my clever husband did the tiling himself.  I bought some new handles, long stainless straight handles keeping in mind I had to buy them to suit the holes in the cupboards.  The old 'bow' handles were silverish with black happening through the wear on them.  When we moved in here, that very day, I ripped down every stupid stinking curtain, pelment and blind!  So the curtain in the before photo is long gone as is the arch over the bench (not in pictures). 

I think it is a pretty good transformation for next to nothing in cost!
Lastly a picture of the Montville Rose by my 4 year old Joey.  Yep that's a garden gnome, got lots of them and love them!

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mummymadesigns said...

love your kitchen, i dream of one like that