Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our House Before and Our Original House

Howdy, I'm still here!
Lately we've been working hard on the house.  I have shown you snippets of what we've got going on here before.  Here I showed you the before and after kitchen shots.
 Here are a couple more angles of the BEFORE.
And I need to stress, this is  the BEFORE we moved in shots.  I took a stack on one of the inspections, renters (whom we nicknamed the SQUATTERS) were living here.

 Here is an outside shot out the front.  That besser block leaning over wall went not long after we moved in and it was replaced with a link brick wall.  Much safer than this leaning over thing, although the amount of muscle it took to get down, I doubt it was going anywhere.

 Come on, look at this!! This is the laundry window sill, who does this! Who has mess like this, yuck!!  And check out the jungle outside.  All of that jungle is gone now.

 Another kitchen angle, the arch is gone, that stupid cupboard is gone, the brown tiles are gone.
 Looking from the dining area towards the kitchen and the arch that is now gone.  All the curtains and pelments went the day after we moved in, that was fun pulling them down.

 Back to the laundry, which is downstairs and here is a bike in the downstairs bathroom!  There was another actually standing up on its wheel in the actual shower!

That's probably enough for now!
I am hoping to keep motivated and show some AFTERS in my blogging efforts this year.  To help keep us on track, cause sometimes this whole moving from picture perfect suburbia to daggy buying someone elses problem pretty acreage can get you down!
See pictures below for what we left behind...we built this house in 1999 and sold it in 2007.
 My Mum and I covered this old lounge setting.
 The photo above was taken from the cubby house that Stephen built. Gee we miss that cubby house.
 The front door and my cat Pinkee nearby.  Loved that house.


Timberandtin said...

Hi Leah great to see you back!
I picked up a cane lounge and 2 chairs for $30 for the local vinnies. Now just for a coat of white, and some sewing for new covers. I can't decide on a colour or fabric though, must look for some inspiration.
Might even make a start tomorrow. Nice to see (read) you again!

brismod said...

Sounds like you're on the same reno adventure as we are! Thanks for your comment on my blog. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah Lydia & I are enjoying looking at your blog xx