Friday, February 25, 2011

Before and After Concrete and Garden

Some more before and after photos of our yard.  Here is the back play area with the mango tree, tyre swing, tramp and sand pit.  Stevo and I poured that concrete with our bare hands and a concrete truck! 
And here is the before. Including the spare shed which we called the 'lean to'.  You can just see a glimpse of it around the corner of the house in the pic above.  That tree fern got ripped out and the garden and then we did the concrete.
Here is another before.  Those were our baby chickens we got for Christmas.
and after...  We made those big concrete pavers with the excess concrete, actually Mum did those.  It's a bit hard to see, but we poured concrete with Mary River stone for the aggregate (think that's what you call it) and as we laid the concrete I threw in some big stones.  Then after it set (more wrong terminology!) we ground back the top of the concrete to reveal the rock and a smooth surface, kind of riverbed-ish like.  Then we sealed it and it still looks great.
I have a collection of Broms happening thanks to Mum.
With the excess concrete in the truck, we poured a nice footpath, slab area to the clothes line, made those big pavers, concreted the inside of the chook yard and the landing at the gate and made an awesome potting up concrete slab attached to the big sheds. 

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