Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tissue Paper Pom Pom's and a freshly plastered wall and Cake Pops

 I made these gorgeous decorations for Christmas and they are still going strong.  Thinking about making a fresh lot.  I used Martha Stewart's tutorial and changed it a bit to make it a bit simpler.

 Here is a bit of house improvement action for you.  Check out the awesome arrow patterned bricks!
They are now safely covered in plaster forever more.  It was a dusty few days inside that's for sure.

After it was set, Stephen painted it in Taubman's white on white and hung his new tv on the wall.  I still need to figure out lights.  The only lighting in there is 2 'retro' wall lights and the funny old light on the bottom of the fan.  The wall light switched on in the picture is staying but I need to choose a new actual light (really want chandelier sconces but not sure).  The other wall light which is the black spot on the new wall might one day get in the way of furniture I might move to that wall, so I am thinking of getting some paper lanterns and wired in above this area.  Who knows! 

Just for fun, here is a pic of our first cake pops.  Lilly got the Bakerella book for Christmas and my darling Aunty also gave me a copy.  These were very easy and lots of fun, I think we made them too big and we really need to get our hands on some real 'candy coatings' instead of dipping them in melted chocolate.  But these tasted pretty good and something different from the old cupcake. 


brismod said...

You've got a fabulous open planned space there. Love it. Lightings always a hard one. Oh and the door is original in our sunroom - it's had a hard life it would seem. xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Adore those pompom decs. Have just bookmarked the tutorial on how to make them.