Friday, June 4, 2010

Warm winter things for newborn baby girls

I have finished off the things for my friends new little girl. 
Pink is easy!
A big rug/quilt (not really quilt but you know) made with beautiful flannelette and chenille and binded with pink spots.  No handstitching went on here (binding) as this little beauty needs to be very washing machine friendly as I am hoping this gets used and used and loved and cuddled.
Some warm winter crochet hats for newborns.
Finally I can make these for someone where they will actually fit.  I am determined to upsize this pattern to fit Lilly this year properly.  Here is last years efforts.
There wasn't much in the way of cute flannelette at spotlight this week, I found the white owl print, which is pretty cute.  I just hemmed it into a big bunny rug, can't have too many of them!
and I finished off my crocheted cushion.
Now that wasn't easy- getting that thing onto a pillowcase.
It turned out ok in the end.  But it was tricky stitching it onto the fabric first, without pulling it all out of shape.
Back of the cushion. 
It is going on my bed, not Lilly's!
Now I need to paint my bedroom and make it look worthy of this cute cushion.


bek said...

oh leah...i love it all!! so clever xox

granma said...

good work miss Leah very nice presents.....