Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Creative Space

Supplies purchased from the Light yesterday ready to make some snuggly bunny rugs for my friends new baby.  I am backing the animal print flannelette with the light pink chenille.  I splashed out on new scissors too!
Repurposing an already repurposed vintage doily! Is that possible!
This is Lilly's dress which she has outgrown, so I am unstitching the waistband to remove the doily (I slipped it in without cutting into it, knowing it couldn't stay in a dress forever)  thank goodness I did this!  Cause right now, that doily is exactly what my table needs, it is perfect, blue and red to go with the blue enamel jug on my table.  The dress should be ok, after restitching the spotty waistband back down and some other little friend can wear it.  Such a great pattern that Miss Madeline dress from the Handmade Dress.
Monarch Caterpillar update...other updates here and here...
Here we have one of the younger caterpillar's (not Munchie, who is huge now by the way and at school for the project today!)  who has just shed its skin, the kids watched him wriggle out and I caught this picture just as he popped out.  We noticed how bright the yellow stripes are immediately after this and we now know that's why some of the caterpillar's look 'dull' at times.  You can just see the old skin curled up on the leaf behind him, now he is so bright and the black stripes are so glossy, we think they shed their skin about 4 times in the 2 weeks they are caterpillar's. 
What a way to eat your breakfast!  I can highly recommend having nature at the breakfast bench, cause as they are eating, they are studying and watching-  not one ounce of fighting or bad behaviour goes on. 
Here is Lilly, with her 'habitat' ready to present today.  Munchie is on that piece of milkweed in the plastic bottle.  We did up this poster using all our photos and things we have learnt about the Monarch Butterfly lifecycle and she is taking that in as well. 

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Wendy said...

What a lovely doily...glad you had the foresight to leave it intact! My kids are always habitat-ing...frogs, worms, newts...

Jill said...

Cute pink fabric for the baby stuff, and well done repurposing a repurposed thing!!

Great stuff with the monarch caterpillar too!! I'm going to show my girls when they come home from school! :)

granma said...

You are a clever girl Lilly,well done my darling