Wednesday, October 22, 2008

L O V E purple

I am not sure that many people are going to like this outfit (no particular reason, just not everyone's cup of tea)...but that's ok, cause I DO!!! And so does Kimmy (my second best friend, that is a joke by the way!) who hung out with me while I made it. We had heaps of fun and I made plenty of mistakes due to laughing so hard at Tonia Todman jokes and remembering our old days of making hairclips using hot glue guns to stick massive flowers to stuff. We are sure the glue fumes made us go troppo.
So this is a vintage tablecloth turned into a twirly size 5 Simplicity skirt like this one and a matching chesty bonds singlet in size 8 with LOVE appliqued on.
Luckily I decided to make a few things that are not in Lilly's size otherwise this one would definitely be going in her wardrobe. And during the fun of making this outfit, we came up with heaps of other ideas for cute singlets using simple words. So watch this space cause there are a heap more coming...


Emma said...

Wow - you have the best collection of vintage sheets! I love appliqued little tops too.

Bek said...

LOVE 2 were troppo long before the hot glue fumes! I love my family (no sarcasim) xoxo