Monday, October 20, 2008

Ella's Outfit

My friend Wendy gave me this (Sesame Street) sheet, actually I took it! I said I'd make a pair of Sesame Street shorts for her son, which are cut ready to go. And with the bits left over I made this Simplicity skirt and matching ruffled singlet in size 6. She also handed me this doily which I added as an apron.The idea for the ruffled singlets came from my friend Bianca, who makes the most amazing stuff with Maria. The sheet was actually a Sheridan one and in perfect condition apart from being a little faded. I'd say there is enough left to make another skirt/singlet outfit or a small bag. I hope you like it Ella!


Kylie said...

My brothers had those sheets when we were growing up. Love the singlet idea - they were all the rage when Amelia was a newborn.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Leah Ella said "it is a beautiful skirt and top" " I love it so much"
I also love the blue and green retro material dress.
xx Wendy and Ella

Emma said...

Wow - these are great Leah! Love the Sesame sheet! And the frill on the singlet - gorgeous!

PinkLizzy said...

The doily skirt is so cute! So clever!