Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Old verandah lounge

 Lately I have been working on this old lounge.  I pulled it completely apart and sanded it right back, painted it with Bondall and put it back together.  I recovered the cushions when I first got my hands on it using this purple cord, it is quite faded in areas now and needs doing again!  The verandah walls are also freshly painted in Hog Bristle, the deck needs attention too.
I have put my old tea towel cushions on it and have made a rule to sit on it 2 times a day and drink tea. 


ingrid said...

I like that rule. I think I need a little couch and tea-drinking rule. It sounds lovely!

A-M said...

Love it. I wish I had the patience to renovate furniture. I admire those who do greatly! A-M xx